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A 21-piece inharmonic chime tree, spanning an interval of a 12th.

I began handcrafting wind chimes and chime trees around the same time I learned how to solve partial differential equations by separating variables, as a sophomore at UTD in Prof. MacAlevey's class. This helped me take ownership of my education and provided some intuition and appreciation for wave phenomena.

To assemble a wind chime, I first derive a tuning, then procure the metals (6061 aluminium alloy), make the appropriate measurements and cuts (no power tools—I use a hacksaw), fine-tune the bars (with a hand file), and finally string the chimes together. The strikers are hematite, and the windcatcher and hanging base are 3D-printed. Below are some of my favorite results.

A tuning celebrating light: G, C, D, G.

E lydian wind chimes

Wind chimes tuned in Raga Malkauns.

A modal wind chimes

Db minor pentatonic wind chimes

Wind chimes tuned in Raga Hindol.

Spectrograph of Raga Hindol chimes revealing the four fundamental tones, as well as various harmonics extending beyond the threshold of human hearing.