Wave Phenomena

Professor Mark F. Hamilton
M E 384N, Spring 2024
Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin


  1. Mathematical preliminary
  2. Fourier acoustics
  3. Rayleigh integrals
  4. Fraunhofer approximation
  5. Fresnel approximation
  6. Moving media
  7. Periodic media
  8. Scattering

Additional handouts


These are my class notes from Dr. Hamilton's lectures. My notes almost exactly follow the material presented in the lecture (aside from a few topics that have been re-arranged for conceptual consistency), and I have made some additional comments and linked references in deep blue. Also, the relevant quotations of famous physicists at the tops of the pages were my addition. Please send suggestions and corrections to:

Chirag Gokani
chiragokani [at] gmail.com